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Kimberly Williams, R.E. Dean Guest-Lecturer At Harvard Medical School 1983-1987
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Boston Electrolysis® Uses State Of The Art American Made R.A. Fischer CBX-Programmable Computerized Epilator With Short-Wave-Galvanic And Blend Treatments. I successfully Treat All Unwanted Facial Hair Problems From Minor To Severe including Tough Plucked & Waxed Hair Cases. My Practice Is Restricted To Unwanted Facial Hair Problems Only. I Offer Free Diagnostic History to Evaluate All Unwanted Hair Problems Caused By Medications, Acute Follicullitus and Endocrine-Genetic Disorders. I Always Succeed After Others Have Failed.

Boston Electrolysis ® Specialized Treatment For Women And Trans-Women Is Second To None.

In Addition, Eyebrow Shaping A Specialty Plus I Treat Ear Hair, Hands, fingers, Nape Of The Neck And Hairline.

I Am Currently Licensed Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist Plus I Am A Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist With 34 Years Of Experience. Furthermore I America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©,1985.


Complete Beard Removal Beards & Neckline Permanently Trimmed and removed Uni-Brow Removal Hairline Middle Eyebrow Removed & Correctly Shaped
Heavy Bushy Eyebrows Shaped And Thinned
Nape Of The Neck Acute Folliculitus Complete Beard Removal
Ear Hair

Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice

Restorative electrolysis is my major specialty and is required when you have waxed, plucked, tweezed, shaved and have had temporary laser hair removal that has damaged your complexion and the appearance of the skin. Temporary hair removal results in your skin being prematurely aged, discolored, rough and dried out with acute case of follicullitis. These conditions can be improved or cured with specialized practical application, antibiotic therapy and removal of dead tissue along with my common sense economical recommended skin care regimen.

Your Consultation & Evaluation Continues

Special arrangements are made when needed and a visit to an Internal Medical Specialist is available. For non-residents of Arizona who fly in for treatment a telephone consultation and evaluation can prevent problems and make sure that you receive the best possible results from your very first treatment. This consultation and evaluation ensures that I know what condition that your hair and skin are in and how it can be improved. Additionally all your health concerns and questions can be addressed before you arrive.

Boston Electrolysis® Specialized Skin Care

Fact women and men often have acute follicullitis (distorted ingrown hairs) from temporary laser removal, waxing, plucking, and shaving and substandard electrolysis treatments. Fact, if your start a prescribed antibiotic therapy just before or shortly after treatment your healing time can be enhanced plus your complexion can be greatly improved. In addition to that antibiotic therapy expels foreign bodies (distorted ingrown hairs) that have been trapped in your skin for six months to a year. These dead microorganisms discolor your complexion by inflaming the follicles and surrounding tissue. In my professional opinion this condition results in your area being discolored with a reddish brown mottled appearance and add to the fact that you still have heavy facial hair it makes it impossible for you to have a smooth healthy feminine complexion.

Women and men who have had moderate to intensive temporary laser hair removal and sub-standard electrolysis are vulnerable to these inflammations such as pustules, cellullitis, follicullitus and eryethema. Nevertheless a prophylactic antibiotic therapy started before your treatment induces fast healing by expelling dead micro-organisms of the skin such congealed blood, fragments of sebaceous and suderiferous glands. The intense heat from temporary laser hair removal has been known to cause permanent damage under the skin which destroys and congeals blood, damaged or destroy sebaceous and suderiferous glands plus it leaves these other dead microorganisms of your skin trapped under the skin with the ingrown hairs. This leaves your skin with an unhealthy appearance with a cosmetically darkened inflamed complexion with infected ingrown hairs. ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS FROM LASER HAIR REMOVAL

You Ask Why Do Certain Patients Need Antibiotic Therapy?

It is to your benefit when your electrologist understands that these dead microorganisms are unhealthy and when left untreated can permanently discolor or damage your skin. However quite a few physicians are not familiar with treating hair and skin conditions that require specialized treatment and care. However if you physician does not understand I would be glad to explain to your physician by telephone, in addition if you need a physician in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area I can refer you to ours for this specialized treatment. Fact and without one doubt I recommend antibiotic therapy for all patients have electrology intensives because it promotes rapid healing while improving your complexion from moderate to excellent.

My Goals

For women my goal is not only to remove your unwanted hair problem it is also to help you attain a beautiful feminine hair free complexion and if your skin has not been permanently damaged by temporary methods such as laser, waxing, light treatments and excessive plucking that goal can be achieved. Quite often many of my patients have noted that with their improved skin plastic surgery and dermabrasion are not needed. However if your skin has not been damaged there are ways to improve your skin with out surgery because I have an inexpensive skin care regimen for my patients who have electrolysis intensives and these are a few of the reason of why an in house consultation and evaluation is requisite before your treatment.Presently I am one of the few licensed and registered electrologists in United States who specialize in the treatment of "Electrolysis Intensives" from minor to severe. If your unwanted hair problem has been exacerbated by a laser parlor operator, substandard electrolysis-electrology, waxing and other temporary methods you most likely need restorative electrolysis. These temporary methods damage your skin and often cause acute folliculltis and unattractive skin conditions that keep you from looking your best.

Antibiotic Therapy A New Form Of Restorative Electrolysis

Quite a few patients skin conditions require a five-month course of antibiotic therapy because of acute follicultis, inflamed infected ingrown hairs that cause a major portion of the face and neck to have an inflamed reddish brown discoloration that no makeup can hide. Laser hair removal permanently damages your skin by burning its minute structures and micro-organisms at, near or below the surface of the skin such as sebaceous and suderiferous glands, arrector muscles, sensory nerve and collagen fibers are totally are partially destroyed. These trapped and partially destroyed micro-organisms that are embedded in your skin are dead and decaying minute structures that discolor it down to coruim level and even further in acute follicultis. These dead decaying structures discolor the skin must be removed and the only way they can be expelled is gentle manual removal with a three to six month course of prophylactic antibiotic therapy for soft tissue inflammation and infection of the skin. Without one doubt the use antibiotics for soft tissue inflammation and infections are used. Once the antibiotics are started you will see a notable and steady improvement of the skin as it starts to heal it brings dead ingrown hairs close to the surface for easy removal. Dead and decaying tissue and hairs that have been in trapped in the skin for years will be expelled and a healthy pink skin gradually returns. Simultaneously epsom salt soaks are required twice a day every day until instructed not to. Antibiotic therapy heals the skin and its inflamed infected ingrown hairs while simultaneously eliminating sensitivity to treatment. From to six months there is major improvement in your skin where you do not need antibiotic therapy.

The Final Result

Restorative electrolysis is standard operating procedure at Boston Electrolysis™ when your unwanted hair problem has developed into acute follicullitis from moderate to severe must be evaluated and plan for the recovery of you complexion is put in motion. Boston Electrolysis restorative electrolysis is the only known cure for this particular hair and skin conditions that require expert practically applied electrolysis treatments coordinated with your physician for your antibiotic therapy. Fact and for the record for you to achieve the best results you have to realize that it takes time to undo the damage caused by temporary hair removal such laser, waxing plucking, tweezing and shaving. To add insult to injury it takes more time to get over those broken promises made to you by laser parlor operators and other quacks.However when you ready, willing and able to improve you're complexion, appearance and emotional well being give me a call. Fact and for the record you will be professionally evaluated and there will be no exaggerated promises at my office you will receive an honest appraisal of what it will take to restore or improve your complexion to the best possible condition.

Sincerely Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

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